Baldo Wants You to Vote, También

SVREP and Baldo Comic collaborate on getting Latinos on excersing their right to vote.

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This was a 2004 collaboration with "Baldo," '800'# listed is unavailable. Register on Website/App

Hector D. Cantú

“Baldo brings stories to life through the eyes of Baldo, Tia, Carmen, Papi, and Graciela. The stories describe issues that are pertinent to Latino communities across America. Having Baldo remind us to register to vote online will help us reach hundreds of thousands of young voters to register and vote,” said “Baldo” co-creator Hector Cantú. 

Carlos Castellanos

“In this script, Hector and I wanted to remind people how powerful this week is in our history – 100 years where women were finally given by the 19th Amendment the right to vote. We know Tia Carmen is celebrating and Gracie can benefit from this historical breakthrough for women,” said “Baldo” co-creator Carlos Castellanos.